• Birth(day) card

    Personal birth announcement card, designed to the wishes of the parents.

  • Flyer

    A flyer created by me for a championship match of the local football team.

  • Personal card

    A personal card I created for DJ Fonzz to use as promo material.

  • Banner

    Artwork for a banner to be placed during an event. The banner size is optional, this one is made 2x1 meters.

  • Magnets

    Art for magnet plates to be placed on a car for promotional purposes.

  • Drawing

    Concept art for a viking library, this was a school assignment to create a building that did not exist within a certain civilization.

  • Logo

    Different types of logo's created for a company.

  • Christmas Card

    A comic design for a personal christmas card.

  • Christmas card

    A colorfull design for a personal christmas card.

  • Photoshop

    A picture made and photoshopped by myself.

  • Photography

    Started out as a hobby, but would like to make it professional. These were taken in New York on New Years Eve.

  • Photography

    Another picture taken in New York in Central Park.

  • Photography

    Taken at the World Trade Center Memorial in New York.


This page displays some of my 2D artwork, which consists of hand made drawings, flyers, business cards and photoshopped images. The different types of programs I use to create my 2D artwork are: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign. The photographs are taken by me, this is a hobby which I would like to expand to a professional level.

Drawing was also a requirement for my study at IGAD as we needed to make concept art before we actually started working on our 3D models.