• Museum

    This was my graduation project, recreating the Museum of Natural History in 3D. Key aspect was the lighting and rendering of the scene.

  • Supermarket

    Realtime virtual supermarket. This was created by Rob van Hintum and myself during our internship at the MediaLab (NHTV).

  • Glaciator

    Glaciator was a game developed during my third year at IGAD. My job on the team was modeler and texturer.

  • Kitchen

    This is a 3D representation of the kitchen of our towns Fire Department.

  • Landjuweel 2008

    First commercial serious game made by second year IGAD students for Landjuweel 2008. My job on this project was modeler and texturer.

  • One Knight Stand

    The first game I worked on at IGAD. I worked on it with 3 fellow students during our first year at IGAD. My job was modeler, texturer and user interface designer.

  • Lip Sync

    Simple lip synchronisation animation done as an exercise. Blake character model by Jason Baskin, texture was done by me.

  • Parkour run

    Run animation done as an exercise. Blake character model by Jason Baskin, Parkour done by Kim Goossens.

  • Beetle

    A simple low poly Volkswagen Beetle with a colorfull texture. The limitation on this project was 1500 polygons, this model has 1463 polygons.

  • Spaceship

    A school assignment to create a space ship and texture it.

  • Future Car

    Futuristic car created for a vehicology project. The goal was to create a vehicle based on an ordinary object, in this case a shoe.


Welcome, my name is Riny van Malsen and I work as a freelance artist. On this website you can find my online portfolio including various 3D projects I have been working on and 2D artwork. .


3D work experience includes modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting and rendering.
Experience in Maya, 3DS Max, C4D, Zbrush and Mudbox.